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DevOps Automation

We have specialized in the automation of DevOps processes. In other words, on processes, from the development of applications to their operation.

Since technologies and tools are constantly changing, especially in this area, we stay on the ball for you.

We love to try out new technologies and to test and standardize their use for automation. No matter if Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, ...) or Legacy (On Premise), if Kubernetes, Terraform, Selenium, Docker or Ansible - or all combined - we will find a suitable solution for you.

For many problems, we offer ready-made solutions that you can take over immediately. Alternatively, we adapt the automation specifically to your wishes.

Ansible / Ansible Tower

Ansible is an agentless open source configuration management tool that is ideally suited to automate IT processes in the DevOps area. Ansible allows you to:

  • Build and configure your infrastructure (Cloud/Legacy)
  • Distribute your servers, applications, docker containers, etc. in a standardized way across all stages
  • Manage your IT

With Ansible Tower, RedHat provides a graphical dashboard for access management and control of Ansible jobs.
We offer you a variety of ready-made Ansible roles that standardize and simplify the deployment and configuration of applications.

Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery & Deployment (CD)

In the CI/CD environment, there are a variety of tools that we would be happy to advise you on, and we can take care of their Installation, configuration and support for you. We have several years of experience in using the following tools:

  • Build und CI/CD server (Jenkins, …)
  • Repositories (Sonatype Nexus, Artifactory, …)
  • Version control (Git, Bitbucket, …)
  • Test automation (Selenium, …)
  • Configuration management (Ansible, Puppet, …)

Do you want to automate processes for which there are no ready-made solutions on the market, whose adaptation to your company would be too complex, or which are simply too expensive?

We program a solution tailored to your needs, be it in a high-level language such as Java or Python or in a scripting language such as Bash, Powershell or with Ansible.

IT Operations

In IT operations, many processes can be automated, such as administration, permanent tasks, maintenance work and release updates. By automating them, the following factors can be reduced:

  • Application downtimes
  • Administration expenses
  • Number of errors and incidents
  • Weekend assignments
  • Costs

We help you to automate your operational tasks and, if you wish, we can also offer you full Application Management Support (AMS). You can learn more about this under support.

JBoss EAP / Wildfly

JBoss EAP and Wildfly are platform-independent java application servers. Wildfly as a community version is the basis of the commercial version of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) from RedHat.

As specialists for the JBoss EAP/Wildfly we offer you the following solutions:

  • Ansible roles for automatic deployment and configuration of a JBoss application
  • Administration
  • IT operations
  • Hardening and creation of golden images based on benchmarks or own compliance rules
  • Verification of compliance with compliance rules
  • Version upgrades
  • Migration from other application servers to JBoss EAP/Wildfly

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